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SINGLE REVIEW: "television mister," the second official release from jessica luise

Jessica Luise is quickly shaping up to be someone to keep an eye on. Her second official release, "Television Mister," is a contagiously funky track about falling head-over-heels for a fictional character, and the relief of finding someone in real life with that character's same attributes. Jessica has said that she enjoys making music that other people can easily relate to, and who hasn't wished to join their on-screen crush in their fictional world and live happily ever after, especially while we're all stuck at home, with nothing to do but fall in love?

Originally hailing from Merseyside, Jessica now lives and writes in Manchester. If you're a fan of Jade Bird or FFO alums The Big Moon, you'll love Jessica Luise's punchy, poignant tunes. Out earlier this year, her first single "Better Place" employed something closer to folk to get its point across, but "Television Mister" took that folk sound and twisted it into something big and loud in all the best ways. It's vulnerable in a very relatable way, and it owns that vulnerability; escapism and romanticism are two pretty common philosophies, but the former is pretty rare in mainstream music.

I'll absolutely have this song on repeat now that it's been officially released. I'm looking forward to whatever else Jessica Luise has coming in the future - and you should be, too. You can find her on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. "Television Mister" is available to stream now on all platforms!

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