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SINGLE REVIEWS: sleep house, “don’t you cry” (11/30) + “pano-319” (12/6)

five months after their latest release, “i hate that i miss you,” indie pop four-piece sleep house are back with two new singles, titled “don’t you cry” and “pano-319.” 

“don’t you cry” is an upbeat, gorgeous, guitar-forward song that showcases each member of the band’s individual talents, from percussion to lead guitar and vocals. the inspiration they draw from bands such as the smiths and the strokes is evident especially in this track and its ability to blend the soft and slow with the fastpaced and electric. 

according to the band, “don’t you cry” is about “telling your friend or loved one to stop wasting your time and energy moping in your emotions, and reassuring them that once you grow past those feelings, good things await on the other side.”

“pano-319,” their newest track, was a surprise to fans until it dropped. rather than promoting it endlessly immediately after dropping a song, they rode the wave of “don’t you cry” and let their music speak for itself, and it does; “pano-319″ is catchy and electrifying. the instrumentals are as emotional as the lyrics, and it all comes together to make for a poignant track, one perfect for listening to when it’s as cold and dreary outside as it is now. 

sleep house can be found on twitter, instagram, facebook, and their website. keep an eye on this band - they’ll be dropping more new self-penned and -produced tracks in early 2020!

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