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summer lovin': a buzzkill playlist

1. toothbrush by DNCE ↳No need to question next time we meet I know you’re coming home with me, home with me

2. my! my! my! by troye sivan ↳Spark up, buzz cut I’ve got my tongue between your teeth

3. what a pleasure by beach fossils ↳All the way across the sea, thinking thoughts of you and me

4. are you bored yet? (feat. clairo) - big data remix by wallows ↳I don’t know where we’re going But I’d like to be by your side

5. honypie by johnny utah ↳Tell your mom, girl and I won’t stop it until your my girl And you can’t stop that ‘till your my girl 

6. lula, i’m not mad by HUNNY ↳Take all of my time Take me for granted Cut my up in a million pieces On another planet

7. missed connection by the head and the heart ↳First you see it, then you feel it, now I’m caught And we’re making our own thing Now I’m following you out to the coast

8. one more touch by joan ↳Can this moment last all my life? All that matters is you and I

9. girl almighty by one direction ↳Let’s pray we stay young Stay made of lightning

10. real love baby by father john misty ↳I’m a flower, you’re my bee It’s much older than you and me I’m in love, I’m alive I belong to the stars and sky

11. feel good by neon trees ↳Oh, I’m tired of waking up alone I just wanna feel good, feel, feel good

12. 123456 by fitz & the tantrums ↳I’ve been hoping that my dreams come true And I’m hoping that I’ll make it with you

13. daphne blue by the band CAMINO ↳I hesitate to say the ocean Could hold a candle to your eyes

14. make you mine by PUBLIC ↳Well, I have called you darlin’ and I’ll say it again, again So kiss me 'til I’m sorry, babe, that you are gone and I’m a mess

15. time machine by COIN ↳I knew you then, ripped jeans in a playground of cement I knew you then, gold rings, but you never could commit

16. let the sun in by wallows ↳With you I see the world completely different With you I need no place to hide

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