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the brits do it better: a buzzkill playlist

i spent a week + 2 days in england and finally got it through my thick skull that they are, in fact, superior in every way to us americans - but mostly when it comes to rock and roll. i’d say 98% (? don’t quote me on that) of my favorite bands are from the UK, so i figured it was about time we all admit it: the brits just do it better. additions from sam fender’s debut album (aka probably the whole thing), out september 13th, forthcoming!

also, mother is arguably the greatest opening track for anything ever (please listen to future dust in full) so please keep in mind that i hand curated this so that your ears would be blessed with 30+ seconds of beautiful kickdrum before the fact melter that is this song really kicks in. 

1. mother by the amazons ↳ cheats try to judge me but I can see the sins that stain your smile friends say I gotta see reason but I’m crawling out of the city i’m tired of bowing to preachers all the time 

2. oxygen by catfish & the bottlemen ↳ she says “oxygen’s overrated i don’t even need to breathe” she’s got a tank full of highs and a mind that never sleeps

3. teach me to fight by yonaka ↳ small town baby, got his knickers in a twist doesn’t like the way that this curse leaves my lips fuck what you think, i’m not trying to impress you i’ll probably just upset you, you’re tryna’ be your best you

4. doom days by bastille ↳ so many questionable choices we love the sound that our voice makes man, this echo chamber’s getting loud

5. mixed signals by the night cafe ↳ it’s so much harder now it’s so much harder now you’re not mine, mine i didn’t think that i didn’t need you and now you’re not mine, mine 

6. hypersonic missiles by sam fender ↳ the cities lie like tumors all across the world a cancer eating mankind, hitting it on blindside they say i’m a nihilist, ‘cause i can’t see any decent rhyme or reason for the life of you and me

7. fire that burns by circa waves ↳ you call me a liar you call me so innocent but you lit the fire you lit the fire that burns the fire that burns inside us

8. bad machine by boston manor ↳ you’re everywhere i go you’re always watching me get the hell out of my head get the hell out of my head

9. black magic by the amazons ↳ you know it’s crazy, baby how i still see you in my sleep and i can’t shift the way you’re always on my mind, mind

10. that sound by sam fender ↳ every night i beg that sound it’s the greatest revelation it’s the only thing that keeps me grounded

11. babe, can i call? by the hunna ↳ she’s speaking to me but all i hear is you a flash back to a time when you still thought i was cool

12. movies by circa waves ↳ dancing in my bedroom to hounds of love, we were so fucked up it was just like in the movies

13. ultraviolet by the amazons ↳ so come on closer don’t you wanna see inside my shell

14. she said by sundara karma ↳ it started off with her hair ‘cause every night has gotta start somewhere another badly combed frown 'cause mirrors always seem to bring her down

15. ightf by the hunna ↳ i can still taste you fuck, i just hate you wish i could erase you now there’s only one thing i can do

16. moving to new york by the wombats ↳ i put one foot forward and ended up 30 yards back am i losing touch or am i just completely off the track and i don’t know why i want to voice this out loud it’s therapeutic somehow

17. give by you me at six ↳ i’ve been wasting all this time trying to keep you off my mind, yeah you off my mind, but no more

18. in my mind by the amazons ↳ it’s not a question of what’s wrong it’s not a question, girl i know i led you on when i’m afraid to be alone when indecision comes to call, i know we’re done

19. i o u by you me at six ↳ oh i want to hear your story whilst i work through your inventory your one-liners leave a shiner you’re not sober, and i’m not either

20. mantra by bring me the horizon ↳ imagine you’re stood on a beach water gently lapping at your feet but now you’re sinking, what were you thinking? that’s all the time we have this week

21. it’s not living (if it’s not with you) by the 1975 ↳ and all i do is sit and think about you if i knew what you’d do collapse my veins wearing beautiful shoes it’s not living if it’s not with you

22. you can’t rely by counterfeit ↳ why can’t you relax? i’m staring at your faded photographs. and asking why I’ve wasted all this time on nothing but an empty fucking lie

23. straight to my head by you me at six ↳ i wanna be, wanna be where you are i wanna feel, wanna feel twenty-one going straight to my head like you used to wouldn’t change anything that we’ve been through

24. send them off! by bastille ↳ desdemona, won’t you liberate me? when i’m haunted by your ancient history close these green eyes and watch over as I sleep through my darkest of dreams

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