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DOOMED FEST kick off marathon of pre-recorded sets with a preview, ft. an array of musical giants

Things have been hectic to say literally the least since the situation with coronavirus worsened early last week. It's been difficult watching everything slow to a standstill almost at once - tours getting cancelled, people losing work, every sense of normalcy we once had fading away. Obviously there are much bigger things to be worried about, like the ways in which this affects world health and every country's economies, but sometimes, just like before the pandemic, it's nice to not have to think about the heavy stuff. Just for a little bit.

Enter Doomed Fest, "an online music festival featuring acts from all genres to help your quarantine feel a little less isolating."

In their own words, "we want to give the music industry a way to still connect while social distancing." It's difficult not seeing your friends every day, and it's even more difficult not knowing when you'll be able to see them again, but Doomed Fest is determined to make sure we don't all have to be bored and lonely. They're dead set on making sure everyone in the industry - from musicians to photographers to crew - still have a place while our lives are uprooted, and that we'll all still have a place in it when all this settles down.

They announced on their socials yesterday evening that today we would get a preview - seven of the artists who'll be performing on the full lineup next weekend - for only five dollars, a fraction of what you'd ever pay for a full afternoon of music.

Tickets for the preview are only a fiver, but donations are certainly welcome (and all proceeds will go directly to the artists performing) and afterward, if you liked what you saw, you can choose to donate even more and buy merch or music from them. You can buy yours here.

The full virtual festival is next weekend. This is just one of the many ways you can support your favorite artists while they're all out of work for a while, but it's a pretty great one. Watching Paige and Rebecca pull this together so quickly was massive, and I'm more than excited to see the full lineup next weekend.

I'll be catching and covering as many of the sets from next weekend's fest - hopefully every single one of them - so keep an eye out for that coverage. In the meantime, watch Doomed Fest's socials (both Twitter and Instagram) for more announcements (I'll be watching for the lineup to drop even closer than I was watching Reading and Leeds for the last few months)!

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