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REVIEW: Feel-good Indie bop from York based band 'Serotones'

Based in York, UK, Serotones have made waves in the Yorkshire music scene, after being played on Radio stations such as Radio X and Soccer FM. Fronted by vocalist Duke Witter, the band boast a gritty yet polished sound, recalling early Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs.

Punchy, unapologetic guitar riffs frame the start of this new indie-rock track from Serotones, along with ska inspired off-beat vigour and powerful vocals. The chorus crescendos to a noisy soundscape, with Witter demanding ‘listen to me - please." The frustration is heard over the cacophony of head-bopping musical indulgence, and it is impossible not to relate to vexation Witter is singing so clearly about. A disjunct and pleading guitar solo follows, before the track comes to a fading end.

If you’re a fan of British Indie-Rock such as Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand and Kasabian, you will love Serotones. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Spotify to keep up with their future releases.

Carmen McLean is a 20-something year old classical violinist turned folk-pop songstress based in Leeds, UK. When not working, you can find her writing for Buzzkill, working on her next EP, or looking at photos of cats being grumpy.

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