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FFO: briston maroney

With a unique sound cultivated by an early discovery and love developed for any and all kinds of music, Knoxville native Briston Maroney has surrounded himself with an ardently-dedicated small group of fans, but is no doubt on the fast-track to worldwide fame. I think a good assumption to make is that only people with good taste in music are listening to Briston right now, but eventually he’ll become more mainstream and lead everyone else toward the path of righteousness. His most-streamed song, “Freakin’ Out On the Interstate,” has been going steadily viral on Tik Tok over the past couple of months, so it’s probably also safe to assume that it won’t be long until he’s in everyone’s ears, minds, and hearts.

Briston has four EPs readily available to stream - he independently released the oldest in his Spotify discography, Big Shot, in December of 2017, and his three most recent (Carnival, Indiana, and Miracle) were all released through Atlantic Records, who house other alt and indie legends, like alt-J, Hayley Williams, and Grouplove. A good place to start if you're looking to get into Briston's music (and you should be, if you're reading this) is "The Garden," "Under My Skin," "Caroline," and "Rose."

Having toured with the likes of Cold War Kids, Illiterate Light, and even Wallows when they conquered Europe on their Nothing Happens tour last summer, Briston is quickly cementing himself as listenable by fans of pretty much any genre. However, if you’re a fan of narrative-driven anthemic indie, classic folk rock, or artists like Phoebe Bridgers, Haim, Soccer Mommy, or Dayglow, you’ll especially love him. His self-proclaimed sound is, “You know how old dudes always say like ‘We ready to rock and roll?’ when they’re walking out of the bathroom of a restaurant shaking their hands they just washed? Same tone and sentiment as that.”

I would absolutely concur.

Obviously not much is going on right now in the way of live music (please god I am begging you all to stay inside so I can see this human play live), but you can follow Briston on Twitter and Instagram in order to keep up with everything he’s doing, which is quite a lot, to be honest. He recently did a couple Instagram live sets for Consequence of Sound and for Music 2 Meals (who have been putting on “Livestreams with artists to better your day + raise $ to give kids access to meals!”) and he’s been doing livestreams on his own Instagram page pretty frequently lately. I hope you check him out and love him as much as we here at Buzzkill do!

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