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FFO: galway-based alternative rock, newdad

We all know this by now - I'm someone who prides themselves on being able to clock great new bands. NewDad are one of my favorite finds of this past summer. I stumbled across them while perusing The Clockworks' artist page on Spotify (NewDad were included as a band that fans of The Clockworks also like) and I fell head over heels pretty much instantly. They're so easy to listen to and at the same time a very stimulating listen. I fully believe they're going to be big very soon.

In their own words, NewDad's sound is "a reflection of our personality: fun, easy-going, and desperately trying to sound cooler than we are." In my words, though, their music is chill and definitely a lot cooler than some of the other music being made today. Their most recent release, "Blue," is one of my favorite tracks released this year - it's soft and otherworldly, a hazy little track about a divide in a relationship, about knowing that you don't want the same things as someone you love.

If you like bands like Porridge Radio, Squid, or Sorry, you'll love NewDad. "Blue" was recently featured on BBC Radio 6, making their A-List playlist. I know that as soon as you listen to them you'll fall as in love with them as I have, so you can keep up with them on Instagram and Twitter. Their music can be streamed wherever you listen, but they also have all of their music (as well as some merch) available to purchase on their Bandcamp.

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