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FFO: Glaswegian bedroom pop duo Pretty Preachers Club

Though the two of them met at university in 2017, Hannah Berry (vocals, guitar and piano) and Martha Mckay (vocals, guitar and violin) didn't form Pretty Preachers Club until this year's lockdown was fully in swing, which honestly comes as a shock to me, considering their music is so cohesive and mature it could be coming from a duo who've been playing music together for a decade.

Martha told Heather Carrick from the Glasgow Times in a feature that debuted last month, “We are good pals and we really hit it off with each other when we found out that we liked the same music. Being stuck inside the house with not a lot to do a lot of the time, it just made sense for us to start recording together.”

Their second single, "Think About U," is all about getting over someone you loved, who really wasn't the best person for you, in the end. The lyrics in this one relay poignant imagery, make me think about standing in the corner of a dark, musty party, watching someone from the other side of a room: "You walk by, think I'm lookin' right at you / but actually I'm lookin' right past you / I know you wanna believe I miss you/ but really, I don't think about you." It's very reminiscient of The 1975's early work, all soft, layered vocals and lilting guitars. The same goes for their latest release, "Gap in My Teeth," which I believe to be about running yourself exhausted, but still not feeling like you're doing enough to get what you want.

If you're a fan of Dream Wife, Pale Waves, or Phoebe Bridgers, you'll love Pretty Preachers Club. Though they only have a handful of tunes out, it's very clear that this band have enormous things ahead of them. Pretty Preachers Club's debut EP, "Going Nowhere Fast," is set for release this coming Friday, and it was created entirely using resources they had readily accessible at home. Follow them on Twitter and Instagram to keep up, and be sure to stream them wherever you listen to music!

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