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FFO: Glaswegian five-piece, VLURE

Photo credit Shelly Foreshaw (@iamjackscompletelackof on Instagram).

Very stoked to let you all know that this week's "For Fans Of" feature is one of the most exciting bands I'm listening to right now: VLURE (pronounced like velour). With only one properly-released single under their belt, the following they've amassed is, to put it lightly, impressive. They engage their listenership with enigmatic and energetic live performances of what they have and have not yet released - most recently in London, at So Young Festival last week, to celebrate their recent signing to So Young's record label. They've joined a star-studded roster of indie rock up-and-comers, alongside Folly Group, Lime Garden, and Lazarus Kane.

The band grew up in and among the Glasgow rock scene, each playing in a handful of different bands before forming as VLURE. Glasgow is absolutely ripe with some of the most fantastic bands on the scene right now - including Buzzkill favorites Walt Disco, The Ninth Wave, Baby Strange, and Lucia and the Best Boys - and VLURE have worked hard to stake their claim among the best of them.

VLURE make music that makes you feel something, which, according to their Spotify bio, is what music is supposed to do. I wholeheartedly concur. "Shattered Faith" in particular makes me feel like if I close my eyes, I can pretend I'm in a dark club, packed wall-to-wall with bodies, dancing like our lives depend on it. If you're a fan of glitz and glum, of pop music that skirts close to rock and roll, or of songs that almost seem to entrance you, you'll love VLURE.

They have something new coming for us in the next week, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

VLURE can be found on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Bandcamp. Their music can be streamed on your preferred platform, and purchased directly from their Bandcamp. They're headlining MOTH CLUB in London on 11/26 - grab your tickets, as they're flying fast!

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