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FFO: london-based power pop, bad nerves

With their debut full-length out this Friday, I knew now was the perfect time to introduce you all to powerpoprocknrollers, Bad Nerves. Buckle up.

Bad Nerves are a five-piece from London. They've been in the game for quite a bit (their first single, "Dreamers," was released in 2017) and have over 60,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, but I still feel that they're so underrated it's insane. They've been featured on a handful of Spotify editorial playlists, which is huge. They've got well-known and well-loved publications like Kerrang! and Rock Sound at their backs, and I want you all there, too. They deserve an enormous, ravenous, dedicated fanbase. They deserve sold-out headline gigs, once the world goes back to normal.

Their most recent release, "Palace," was thrown onto my Discover Weekly playlist a couple of weeks back and I truly cannot thank Spotify enough for allowing me to stumble across these guys. They're one of the most innovative bands in rock-and-roll right now, and "Palace" is one of the best songs released this year.

I haven't had the pleasure of hearing their debut album yet, but there's no doubt in my mind that it's masterful. Kerrang! likened it to a garage-punk smoothie of sorts. That's a good way to look at Bad Nerves' music - it doesn't adhere exactly to one distinct type of rock and roll. Rather, it picks bits and pieces off of genres, clutching to them like a crow with shiny treasures in its beak, ready to make its nest the most beautiful in the neighborhood.

Bad Nerves is, most of all, for fans of hard, fast, almost-scary rock-and-roll, but fans of bands like Demob Happy, SHEAFS, and Voodoos listen to them, too, according to Spotify. I would highly recommend them to fans of music in general. Check them out when you get a chance - their debut album, Bad Nerves, drops Friday the twentieth. They can be found on Twitter and Instagram. Keep up with this band - there's nowhere for them to grow but up and out.

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