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FFO: northampton alt-pop five-piece, sarpa salpa

I can't exactly remember where or when exactly I first heard Sarpa Salpa, but between now and then, their sticky riffs and immensely catchy lyrics have transformed me from a casual listener into a full-on fan. Their approach to alt-pop is a little bit 80s synths, a little bit guitar music, and it's impossible not to fall in love at first listen.

Having formed in 2017, the band have been using the past few years to fine tune their sound and to craft a discography of songs that anyone in their early twenties can turn to in order to feel seen. 2020 has seen some of the most traction for the band, having been featured as Jack Saunders's Tune of the Week back in June, on Spotify's "Student Union" playlist, and on Made in Chelsea, as well. If you're a fan of bands like Sundara Karma, Larkins, or FOALS, you'll love them.

My favorite tunes of theirs are "Smith" and "Forwards Backwards." I would, biasedly, recommend starting there, and then checking out their latest release, "Stick to What You Know." From there you're on your own, but I promise you won't regret any time spent discovering their discography for yourself. They recently played the Student Radio Association's Class of 2021 virtual festival, on the bill alongside some of their fellow most exciting up and coming acts in the UK. Sarpa Salpa can be found on Instagram and Twitter. Follow them to keep up with any upcoming releases or socially-distanced gigs that might get announced for after lockdown!

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