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RECAP + GALLERY - Levitate Music Festival in Marshfield, MA

Earlier this month, Buzzkill had the opportunity to head check out Levitate Music & Arts Festival in Marshfield, MA - here are just a few of our highlights from Saturday at Levitate!

John Craigie

The wonderful thing about music festivals is the opportunity to walk into an artist’s set completely blind to what you’re about to see. This was the case for us with LA-based singer-songwriter John Craigie, who kicked off our day at Levitate this year. Charismatically comedic lyrics highlighted Craigie’s troubadorian set, alongside his innate ability to genuinely connect to his audience. Craigie brought both humor and traditional folk instrumentation to the stage, and left many (including myself) feverishly searching him up on Spotify post-set.

Peach Pit

I feel like it goes without saying that I’m a huge Peach Pit fan, and each live set I see from them only furthers to prove that point. Though it was their first time at the festival, the Canadian indie-rockers played Levitate’s main stage, bringing their enormous, refreshing stage presence as a guitar-heavy band on a jam-band-centric bill.

I also had the opportunity to chat with the boys from Peach Pit before their set, and you can find that here on Buzzkill if you’re at all interested!

Lime Cordiale

Australian rock band Lime Cordiale were absolute standouts Saturday, bringing an unexpected twist to the festival’s lineup. Everything about Lime Cordiale was just fun. The combination of their surf-pop sound with a loose and eclectic performance made their set an absolutely stellar experience from top to bottom. Hits of brass and woodwind paired with their more guitar-based setup, and brought such a fun dynamic to their set — I really can’t recommend seeing them enough.


Levitate was actually my second time catching Goose this year, the first being their mini weekend residency at Roadrunner earlier this spring. Goose is a band that feels perfectly at home in a festival setting; their music and general vibe is ideal for an outdoor show, and with possibly the most packed crowd of the day, Goose absolutely delivered. With an undeniably huge fan base in New England, Goose will be back again this September with two dates at Leader Bank Pavilion in Boston.

That’s all from us from Levitate this year! Be sure to check out our chat with Peach Pit at Levitate as well — we talked through inspirations, upcoming tunes, and Call Me By Your Name, so it’s not one to miss!


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