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  • Toni Bacon

REVIEW: Alt-pop quartet Y!KES strike indie gold with new single “Just Me”

Hot off the heels of their 2020 EP, Massive, Birmingham-based Y!KES kick it into high gear with their new track, "Just Me," featuring American singer Geoff Rickly, primarily known for his work in the punk bands Thursday and United Nation.

Accompanied by a Joker-like video, "Just Me" showcases Y!KES's punk and post-grunge appeal. The Nirvana influences are there, but so are traces of other legends like Iggy Pop. Influences aside, Y!KES are distinctly their own band, with their own voice and look.

Since forming in January of 2019, Y!KES have scored slots on the likes of NotAFest, Soma Fest, Your City Festival, and dates all over the UK supporting acts such as Mantra, Dearist and Woes.

The future is certainly bright for this young band. They can be found on Instagram at yikes_band and on Twitter at yikes_theband. "Just Me" can be streamed on Spotify, Apple Music and purchased on iTunes.

Toni Bacon is a Louisiana native transplanted to Atlanta. She enjoys adding to her already large vinyl collection, reading about history, anthropology, and music, and watching college football. She has a degree in English literature and spends a good deal of time wondering who Jack the Ripper actually was.

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