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REVIEW: Caravella’s “Cigarettes in the Sunshine” kicks off your chill summer playlist

“Cigarettes in the Sunshine” is Caravella’s stab at the quintessential chill summer single. Woven around a gentler version of their signature groovy guitar sound, “Cigarettes” explores the friendship between the band and their previous drummer/producer. “He plays CDs from the ‘70s,” croons lead vocalist Charlie Sellers on the breezy chorus; the song itself could be plucked from a similar era, relaxed and retro as it is.

This softer side of the band is certainly welcome and suits their sound just as well as their bouncier tracks like “Welcome to Europa” or “internet bby.” Much like Gus Dapperton, one of their noted inspirations, they are just as comfortable creating bedroom pop bops as they are looking inward and crafting something a bit more soulful. Where Dapperton and other contemporaries lean further into sounds like R&B or shoegaze, however, Caravella are more keen to explore surf rock and acoustic pop sounds. It sets them apart from the crowd, resulting in some unique tracks, like “Cigarettes in the Sunshine,” to add to your summer playlist this year.

If you haven’t checked them out yet, go follow @CaravellaBand on Twitter! They’ll be promoting “Cigarettes” and (hopefully) releasing even more music soon.

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