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REVIEW: Lizzie Loveless is no "Joke"

As the fourth single to be released pre-album release from Lizzie Loveless’s forthcoming record You Don’t Know, “The Joke” is a strange choice. Typical single-picking wisdom suggests that singles should be one of two things: Bops or ballads. “The Joke” sits somewhere in the middle; it has a repetitive, understated vocal melody that, oddly, refuses to build with the song, but the instrumentals on their own have a hand-clappy brightness that begs to be replayed. It reminds me somewhat of a Dodie single, or her close indie pop relative Orla Gartland, in that it is a pop-friendly song that ultimately plays by quieter, more introspective rules than pop radio typically champions.

The lyrics convey the confusion and mourning that come with being a twenty-something, particularly one that could be considered a striver for romance. What is to be done when the love we assumed we would have by a certain point in our lives is either gone from us or never was within reach at all? That loneliness is the centerpiece of “The Joke” and is it’s most compelling element.

As we come closer to the album release, I’m interested to see how the consistent themes of break ups and growing up coalesce into a cohesive work. Lizzie Loveless has something to say about the nature of solitude in our lives and, really, there’s no better time to reflect on that theme than now. Our state-mandated isolation may be on it’s way out, but personal loneliness is forever (or so it feels).

“The Joke” will be available July 20th on all streaming platforms. Lizzie Loveless’ debut album, You Don’t Know, will be released on September 17th.

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