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REVIEW: the first single in 2021 from Liverpool's Zuzu, titled "Timing," is finally here

Following on from one of my favourite releases of last year (the How It Feels EP), Zuzu has returned with “Timing," her first single of the year and the first offering from her eagerly anticipated debut album.

She explains: “This song is about what could have been. Meeting someone you have an instant connection with, but the timing was never right. It’s about those lonely late nights/early mornings when the sun is rising and the person creeps into your mind. You wonder where they are, if they’re thinking of you too. I wanted to capture the nostalgic but also melancholy feeling brought on by those sad longing thoughts for somebody you loved.”

This is what Zuzu does best: laying her heart out on the table, with every depth of her emotions excavated through music and lyrics. She pairs a wall of fuzzed-up guitars and twinkling synths to consider that creeping sense of ‘what if?’, continuingly toeing the line of heartrending and euphoria.

“Timing” is made to be listened to in the sun as you bask in your feelings about destiny.

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