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REVIEW: "the way that it is." is Caravella's smoothest track yet

After my last review of Caravella for their single “internet bby,” I’ve gone back to the song on and off for a few weeks. It provides the kind of slick, easy listening that goes well with anything on your to-do list; cooking dinner, working from home, running an errand in your car. With this in mind, I was delighted to find that their next single “the way that it is.” is even smoother than what came before.

“the way that it is.” shows a slower, groovier version of Caravella. The vocals are highly present in the mix; vocalist Charlie Sellers’s warm voice melts throughout the track in a relaxing way, easing you into the song before the chorus even begins. And the chorus is lovely, by the way. Though it describes anxiety in a relationship, the guitars and vocals meld to create an almost surf-y, psychedelic groove. Caravella has a distinct guitar tone that they chase, something between bedroom pop and the best of eighties pop, and “the way that it is.” is no exception as they continue to hone that sound.

Of their tracks available so far, “the way that it is.” is likely the greatest synthesis of the sound they’re crafting in real time. If you haven’t jumped on the Caravella bandwagon yet, now is your time to do it.

Caravella can be found on Twitter and Instagram.

McKinzie Smith is a former film student from Portland, OR. In her adolescence, she followed Fall Out Boy up and down the West Coast. She now considers herself very cool and normal and only a little bit emo. She now spends most of her time listening to Charli XCX in her kitchen and writing articles about things she likes.

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