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REVIEW: "ugly ending," the first single from best frenz, lovechild of joywave + jason suwito

While the rest of the world was logging hundreds of hours into their animal crossing islands and bragging about their sourdough starters to their Facebook friends, Joywave’s Daniel Armbruster and Sir Sly’s Jason Suwito found another way to pass the early days of quarantine.

Since sharing the stage during the coheadlined “slywave” tour in the Fall of 2018, Suwito and Armbruster have become fast friends, leading them to the creation of Best Frenz, a collaborative side project created this past March, resulting in an EP slated for release July 24th.

If their debut single, “Ugly Ending” is any indication, the EP is not one to miss out on. The track features warped synths paired with a slowed down beat that you can’t help but nod your head to, and classic “joywavian” harmonies in the chorus. I seriously cannot get enough of this song; it’s truly the perfect combination of the duos talents in composition and mixing, and I cannot wait to hear the EP in all of it’s glory.

It goes without saying that you should all give a listen to their debut single, “Ugly Ending” now, and keep an eye peeled for the EP on July 24th!

Emma Egan is a photographer, plant lover, and cold brew enthusiast from Portland, Maine. You can find her on Instagram @egray_97 and Twitter @emmagrayduh.

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