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REVIEW: Vistas perfect the indie pop breakup song with "I Know I Know"

Vistas have been consistently putting out masterful indie pop music for years, and it somehow seems that, despite perfecting their craft ages ago, they're only getting better and better.

"I Know I Know" is the newest single from Vistas's upcoming third album, titled Is This All We Are?, following only three weeks behind the release of the album's title track. It's about the slow, agonizing descent into the dissolution of a relationship- why do we always drag that out? This song explores the very human inclination towards delaying the inevitable.

""‘I Know I Know’ came from wanting to write something with big American pop energy and I think we got pretty close with this track. We wanted to try [to] fit in as many hooks as we could so that any section of the tune could potentially get stuck in your head. It’s definitely the most summery and upbeat song from the record, so felt right to put it out just before festival season, and we’re really looking forward to playing this one across the next few months," the band said, after being asked to elaborate on the track.

And they were right - at the time of writing this, I've only listened to the song three times, but I already know all of the words. If I'm not careful, I'll have to take a break to dance it out, and then I'll have lost all momentum. That's what this song, and every Vistas song, if I'm honest, does to you; it's all-consuming in a way you can't shake off. I desperately wish I could be in a festival crowd to hear this one played live this summer.

This upcoming release from Vistas is one I'm very excited for. Going into more depth on the meaning of the album, frontman Prentice Robertson said, “During the writing of both the EP and album, one of my family members became very ill and this became all encompassing in mine and my families’ lives. This led to many conversations about the fragility and meaning of someone’s life and where they go and what they leave behind after they are gone. As these subjects were so dominating in my thoughts, they became the central theme of the album. I think the title sums up these themes as a whole by asking ‘is this all we are?’.”

If you're free and able, I would recommend trying not to miss seeing Vistas this summer and autumn. Their current schedule of live dates is available on their website, as is the preorder link for their new album, Is This All We Are?.

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Dec 11, 2023

Vistas' latest track, 'I Know I Know,' masters the indie pop breakup anthem! Their ability to capture the essence of heartache and moving on through catchy melodies and poignant lyrics is commendable. This song feels like a raw yet relatable journey, making it an instant hit for anyone navigating through the complexities of love and loss. Vistas truly shines in delivering this emotionally charged indie pop gem! Be sure to popularize it by purchasing audiomack plays -

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