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REVIEW: Vistas' second album, "What Were You Hoping To Find?," is out of this world

Second albums are tricky. Luckily, Scottish trio Vistas have escaped the dreaded second album curse.

Their debut album, "Everything Changes in The End," was released in May of 2020. This new album shows that Vistas have used the downtime caused by the pandemic to refine their sound and songwriting, and produce a truly stellar record.

WWYHTF has the indie pop feel of their first record with a new found feeling of confidence and complexity. It’s hard not to sing along. The second single “Stuck in Your Head’ literally does just that.

The most important aspect of Vistas' sound is catchiness. Pop can be a four letter word to some guitar-based bands, but Vistas seem to embrace it with enthusiasm.

"What Were You Hoping to Find?" showcases Vistas at their exuberant, youthful best but also with an eye toward the future; a future that is bright and shiny and will include many, many more albums from Vistas.

"What Were You Hoping to Find?" can be found at your local indie record store or from the Vistas website. Find them on Twitter and Instagram.

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