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SHOW GALLERY + RECAP: Post Animal and Stuyedeyed bring genre bending performance to Boston

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

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When people ask me what kind of music I listen to, I almost always say it depends on the season. Like clockwork, every spring I listen to indie pop, summer is set for psychedelic and indie/alternative, fall is for rock + punk, and winter for folk (and for some odd reason sea shanties this year? still sorting that one out).

As the weather has warmed up, I’ve been reaching more and more towards Post Animal’s work. With their more upbeat tracks speckling my April, May, and June playlists, it only felt right that on an unusually sunny day last week I had the chance to walk to see the group’s gig at Brighton Music Hall in Boston, MA. Touring in support of not one but two albums released since their last show in the city, Post Animal had a lot of ground to cover, and the Boston crowd was ready for the reunion.

First up was the Bedstuy-based group, Stuyedeyed. Their Spotify describes them as a group “charged with focused aggression and unrelenting drive," and I truly cannot think of a better description. With reflective and cutting lyricism piercing through the erratic post-punk noise, the group was both lyrically and sonically loud (in the best possible way).

Dueling drummers Luis Ruelas and Jhonny Nunez punctuated every downbeat, and heavy guitar and bass filled the room. Halfway through the set, lead guitarist and vocalist Nelson Antonio Hernandez-Espinal stepped off the stage and into the crowd, walking through the gathered crowd and singing directly to individuals, face to face. The whole group brought a unique balance of explosivity and introspection to their set, and I highly recommend giving some of their back catalog a listen.

Next to the stage - Post Animal. I’ve been a fan of this group for quite some time, and was beyond excited to see them perform live. Originally from Chicago, Post Animal combines the best of psychedelic rock with hints of 70s metal, modern post-punk, and everything in between.

The group played a stylistically deep set with a sample from almost every era of Post Animal, including newer songs from their most recent album, Love Gibberish, as well as some from Forward Motion Goddessy and older hits like “Ralphie” and “When I Get Home” (my personal favorite, and the first song I learned to play on bass guitar).

One of my favorite features of Post Animal is their amorphous yet recognizable style. At some points the set felt spacey and light, and at others firmly planted in harder rock riffs. It feels like Post Animal can try on almost any style and remain true to their own sound in doing so. Their set proved to be a perfect demonstration of their sonic depth and unique musical talent.

The whole show was an absolute treat to watch, and I cannot recommend checking out a show from either group next time they stop in your city!

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