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SHOW GALLERY + RECAP: TV Priest + Liily at Beat Kitchen in Chicago, IL

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Scroll to the bottom to check out Emma's full gallery from the show!

Liily opening for TV Priest makes so much sense to me. The four-piece from Los Angeles have been touring for a long while, and this is the first time that it seems like they've booked a supporting slot with a band that would attract the same brand of music fan that they do. The show in its entirety felt very cohesive despite the difference in energy levels between the two bands. There was a sense of catharsis laced throughout, although where Liily's felt animated and full-blooded, TV Priest's felt soft and grounded.

Though this is TV Priest’s first headlining tour stateside, nothing about their set felt novice. With warm electrical fuzz, punching drums, and sometimes-deep, sometimes-witty lyricism, TV Priest enraptured the audience with their clearly defined sound and aesthetic. All and all they delivered a set that expertly spanned their discography, including some of our personal favorites, like "Decoration" and "One Easy Thing."

Liily is a favorite here at Buzzkill for a reason - they’re just a treat to watch live. Their frenetic energy seems to roll off the stage into the audience, and nothing about them has slowed down since we last saw them. They even sprinkled a few unreleased singles into their set, which we kindly ask they release as soon as humanly possible. :)

A huge thank you to TV Priest for having us out to the gig - we were really excited to finally be able to see them live, and they put on an incredible show. It felt simultaneously massive and so, so intimate. Think stage presence of IDLES mixed with Fontaines D.C - they feel like the kind of band who should be selling out venues IDLES and Fontaines do, and I genuinely believe they will be very soon.

The tour wrapped up in the Pacific Northwest this past weekend, but Liily are going out with FIDLAR this fall, and TV Priest have a huge European tour planned for October and November.

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