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SHOW RECAP + GALLERY: Joywave Brings Express Wash Tour to Boston with Support Dizzy and Elliot Lee

It’s no secret that Buzzkill loves Joywave.

Collectively listening to the band since the release of their debut album How Do You Feel Now? in 2015, we’ve followed Joywave through four album cycles and countless tours over the past 8 years, only to come back for more each and every time.

Almost a year to the day since their last stop in Boston, Joywave brought The Express Wash Tour to the Royale stage last week, alongside support Elliot Lee and Dizzy.

The Express Wash Tour feels like the Joywave’s own “Eras Tour,” with a selection from every album cycle, as well as SWISH bonus track “Life in a Bubble I Blew,” and “Ugly Ending” from frontman Daniel Ambruster and Sir Sly’s Jason Suwito’s pandemic side-project, Best Frenz.

To no one’s surprise, Joywave delivered an incredibly tight and visually stunning set. It’s hard to imagine anything but the best from the band’s live shows, and somehow they continue to up the ante each time they come to town.

With the Express Wash Tour wrapped up, and the recent announcement of Joywave making their way into the Star Wars universe, we’re anxiously awaiting whatever's coming next from the boys.


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