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SINGLE REVIEW: yungblud teases his new album with rambunctious new track “strawberry lipstick”

22 year-old Dominic Harrison is the musician we all need right now. A young lad from Doncaster let loose in California with a contagious, rambunctious passion for rebelling constraints, injustices, and the heteronormative society he grew up in, which ultimately forms the backdrop to his inspired and anthemic sound that his fans know and love him dearly for.

Following on the heels of the soundtrack to our quarantine ‘Weird!’ comes the kick off to YUNGBLUD’s new album era ‘Strawberry Lipstick’ and it’s an explosive, sensual slice of glam-rock delivered through a modern lens— and it’s one that is refusing to be ignored.

Moving beyond the reaches of his 2018 debut album ‘21st Century Liability’ and 2019’s ‘The Underrated Youth’ EP, ‘Strawberry Lipstick’ breaks free and takes on a new persona of its own, sticking a middle finger up to oppression and self-doubt (They tried to lock me in the closet, now I’m crawling out / Saying, fuck all the oppression and the self-doubt) and, in many respects, sheds the skin of what came before it to boldly pave the way for what we can expect to see from YB2.

This charged banger inhabits thunderous bass-lines and the kind of youthful vigour that changes gears multiple times, reminiscent of British sounds that intertwine and make up Dom’s musical heritage. Through that, though, the track still remains unequivocally, uniquely YUNGBLUD at its very core. With lyrics that tell a story of unabashed self-expression and surprising optimism— Dom is leading us into a brand new chapter, an era of optimism glittered with rebellion.

The accompanying visuals, directed by Christian Breslauer, breathe new life into nostalgic punk aesthetics and bring them forthright into the 21st century in a way that only YUNGBLUD can pull off. The spiked red hair, the fashion, the English bulldog and, of course, the Spice-Girls-referencing Union Jack dress (which also features on the cover to the track) nods to Dom’s roots but spins them in a new direction. This is a music video that depicts a charismatic, heart-over-head track in all its glory, giving fans a taste of what it will bring to music venues in the future.

‘Strawberry Lipstick,’ a fizzing celebration of being unapologetically yourself without constraints and loving who you want to love, is the newest release from YUNGBLUD and is available to stream now on the platform of your choosing. YUNGBLUD can also be found on Twitter and Instagram and you can watch the video for ‘Strawberry Lipstick’ directed by Christian Breslauer below:

Katy Mairs is a writer, content creator, and self-confessed Brockhampton enthusiast from Belfast, Northern Ireland. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @und0milk.

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