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the king is dead: an interview with steve deciantis of canadian rock band ready the prince

Ready the Prince is a three-piece rock band from Toronto, Canada, made up of bassist/lead singer Steve DeCiantis, guitarist Daniel Prada, and drummer Jordan Ross. They released their self-titled EP in 2015, Note To Self EP in 2017, and have since released five singles, their latest release being Paralysis/PB&J in June 2019. They’ve just got back home from touring in the UK with cleopatrick, another band in the collective that Ready the Prince are apart of as well called New Rock Mafia, and now they’re on the road again this month, doing shows with Royal Tusk and BRKN Love.

Ready the Prince are a rock band that I love because their songs are genuine and full of passion. Their music is so good and their energy is amazing. What captured my attention first is Steve DeCiantis’ voice; it’s like a breath of crisp, clean air, and you just want to listen to him sing forever.

When I think of Ready the Prince, I think of a great band that my best friend so passionately loves. When I think of Ready the Prince, I think of this Canadian rock band with music that’s so incredibly good and inspiring. When I think of Ready the Prince, I think of the band that has made my best friend so happy to the point that they’ve inspired her to get the artwork for their single All The Love (I Have To Give) tattooed onto her body, because that’s how much she loves that song, loves them, that’s how much they mean to her. I can’t help but love them as well, love them like I love her. I’ve made many friends that are fans of this band who are really good, kind, and genuine people, much like the band themselves, people I wouldn't have met without their influence. My favorite song of theirs, Cliff Diver, from their Note To Self EP, was the first song by them that I heard and every one I’ve listened to afterwards, I’ve enjoyed greatly as well. They don’t have a bad song. There’s nothing else like Ready the Prince’s music, I adore it so much.

Ready the Prince is a band everyone should hear at least once. Their songs are about being yourself, finding yourself, moving on, heartbreak, just all these real feelings that anyone can relate to. Their songs are the kind that you can't help but to play at a really loud volume, because they’re just that good.

Listen to their music, go to a show. They’re fantastic and it’ll be an unforgettable experience. Ready the Prince is one of my all-time favorite bands, maybe they’ll be one of yours as well. They’re definitely a band you don’t want to miss out on.

Where does your inspiration come from, sonically and lyrically?

Inspiration comes from everything. Music is physical and emotional. Lyrics are sometimes personal, sometimes imaginative. Sounds cliche, but anything can inspire a song.

How did you three meet?

We all met in high school in Toronto. Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts.

What’s the first song you recommend someone to listen to if they haven’t heard you yet, and what’s one thing you most importantly want them to know about you?

I don't have a recommendation, just go for it. Maybe choose your favourite artwork and listen to that. I don't think we want anyone to know anything in particular, create your own meaning for our band, it's all in the music.

Where do you want to perform the most, and why?

We love performing anywhere we can but especially in front of crowds that are ready to jump, mosh, sweat. We feed off of the energy in the crowd.

What are your top four comfort albums (albums you put on repeat during hard times)?

I don't really have comfort albums. I usually obsess over an artist or album for a week or 2 and then move on to another one. Some examples are Bay Faction's Florida Guilt, the boys by cleopatrick, Dog Whistle by Show Me The Body, and Daniela Andrade's Tamale.

Top three things you love about touring, top three things you dislike the most about touring?

Likes: playing shows, seeing new places, meeting people at the shows. Dislikes: not being able to sleep properly. That's really the only dislike, I'm a terrible sleeper away from home, I love everything else about touring.

What do you enjoy doing together other than creating music?

Making fun of each other/ joking around.. that's kind of our thing. We're pretty much never being serious around each other if we're not making music.

New Rock Mafia. What is your place in it, and what does it mean to you? What do you want it to mean to others?

New Rock Mafia is a place to belong. We never fit into any genres or scenes until we met cleopatrick and zig mentality. Even aside from music, this community has been life changing for me personally, I hope it can be that for others as well.

Currently, you’re on tour in the UK with CLEOPATRICK, another band making up one of three in NRM (New Rock Mafia), next up in March you’re supporting ROYAL TUSK and BRKN LOVE in Canada, then you’re back on the road at the end of March with CLEOPATRICK again. What’s next for Ready the Prince this year? Maybe a summer tour, maybe a LP release?

LP is on its way, slower than we thought but it's coming.

Do you have any pre show rituals?

Neck stretches... jumping jacks + more stretching. I move around a lot on stage so I'm destined to pull a muscle or something if i don't warm up. Also gotta warm up my voice of course.

Your music has reached and touched so many people from all over the world; you have so many devoted fans and friends. How do you feel about it all, has it changed you in any way?

It's kinda crazy even reading that because I still think of us as a pretty small band. I'm incredibly grateful to all the people who have devoted themselves to supporting us, I just feel really lucky to be in this position. Knowing that people look up to us has definitely motivated me to be the best artist and person I can be.

Ready the Prince are currently out on tour with Royal Tusk and BRKN LOVE. They can be found on Twitter and Instagram, and their music can be streamed on your preferred platform!

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