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we don't want your generation: review/spotlight: fury in few release 'generation xtra special'

Fury in Few is an Atlanta, GA-based rock band made up of duo Brayden Gomer (25, guitar, lead vocalist) and Ryan Catayuld (23, drums, backing vocals). They released their newest single, "Generation Xtra Special," on May 4th, 2020. "Generation Xtra Special" is a song about saying screw you to the collection of rock stars and their fans of the past who have a superiority complex — those who believe they were all there ever was to rock and could ever be to rock, and so because their 15 minutes of glory has passed, it has passed for everyone else, and rock ‘n roll is nevermore. Fury in Few, like many young rock bands of this time, don't subscribe to that way of thinking. They respect and accept those who came before them, they recognize that without them they wouldn't be here, but they believe it's time to move on. Rock isn't dead nor is it over. It's changed, and that is a concept many older rock stars and fans alike have a hard time believing or accepting. Rock belongs to the young bands of today just as much as it belongs to the bands that came before, and a handful of them -such as Fury in Few - are turning rock back to the noisy, in-your-face traditional guitar sound that we know and love. They’re making it theirs: they're saying what they want to say and putting forth real, honest feelings. They have a boldness and a fury just like the bands of the past had. It’s their time now, and it's our time now. Fury in Few are not beeching the names of artists of the past, they're just saying what everyone is feeling: we're tired of you putting us down before we even started; we're tired of you not letting rock slip from your fingers and into ours, of not letting the baton go; we're tired of you saying rock is dead when we're right here and we're screaming out, trying to garner your attention but you think it's not worthy because you're stuck in the past. They're saying, this, this right here, Fury in Few, this is right now, this is rock ‘n roll, this is real and this is happening, and we want you to LISTEN. I love this song and the message it carries, and I believe in it and in this band. Fury in Few have something special that begs to be heard, and I’m definitely listening. You should be as well. Brayden Gomer of Fury in Few answered a couple of questions for Buzzkill — and here they are below: What's the overall message you want listeners to get from 'Generation Xtra Special'? I want people to understand that rock music has moved away from Gen X. Previous generations have done a lot for rock music, but it’s time for them to let us have our turn and move rock n roll forward. Rock n roll doesn’t need to be “saved” or brought back, it needs a good kick in the ass from the new generation of rock musicians. So, to make a long story short, I want them to fuck off and let us play our brand of rock n roll. Since COVID-19 happened, bands can't tour, but instead are you planning to release more music this year? Maybe. Maybe not. Where did your motto "Rock or Die. Be Dangerous." come from? I feel that "Rock or Die" is pretty self explanatory. "Be Dangerous" is the idea that you should do what you want to do and be who you want to be and not give a shit about what people think. If you wanna start a band, start a band. If you wanna wear THAT top with THOSE jeans, do it. If you want to dedicate your life to the study of bird migration patterns then god dammit dedicate your life to the study of bird migration patterns. BE YOU. You went live on Instagram a few weeks ago — a whole concert, in Rail Art Studios, to a completely empty venue. How did that feel, and do you plan to do another one anytime soon? Not the first time we played to an empty venue, BUT it was amazing to play music and we actually had a good turn out, in terms of viewers. Anything we can do to give people their FIF fix, we’re all about it. We love that our fans can dig what we do so much and we’ll continue to do live-streams until shows resume. Lastly, what does your music mean to you and what do you want it to mean to listeners? ROCK OR DIE. BE DANGEROUS. EAT YOUR VEGETABLES. You can listen to Fury in Few’s latest single, Generation Xtra Special, on Spotify, Apple Music, and wherever else you prefer. You can follow and keep up with Fury in Few on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube.

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