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FFO: london-based alt band palace

Palace haven't been news for a hot minute. I know that. Like I've said before - this feature is becoming a bit hybridized as of late. Another thing I know? That Palace are incredible and that they're another band I'd like to see stateside more often. Despite the fact that Palace have been around for quite a bit - their debut EP, Lost in the Night, was released in 2014, and their first full-length album, So Long Forever, in 2016 - they're still not appreciated by music lovers outside of their immediate fanbase nearly enough for my taste.

Popular among fans of bands like Local Natives and Genghar - and a bit reminiscient of Young the Giant - Palace's favored genre has shifted a bit over the years, but one thing that's never changed is their ingenuity. They're always one step ahead of the game, it seems. The sound on their debut EP feels a little heavier than their newer stuff, which leans considerably into folk/indie rock territory, but they're still making music that feels like Palace.

Life After, their latest full-length release, is a little on the solemn side, but is the kind of album that it would be a crime to hit shuffle on. Please, please sit down and listen to it in full. That's the only way, in my opinion, to feel its full effect. It is, at its core, a breakup album, and that much is clear. As with all art, however, it's subjective, and can take on new meaning depending upon your circumstances while listening. To DIY Magazine, the band described Life After as “an album about loss and a manual to moving on." A few standout tracks are "Berlin," "Younger," and "Martyr."

They've been a bit inactive on social media as of late after having to cancel their Spring tour due to COVID, but they did release a new single, "Someday, Somewhere," a little over a month ago, and it's incredible. I would highly recommend introducing Palace into your everyday life if you're in need of new music (and who isn't always). They can be found on Twitter and Instagram, and I'm sure we'll see more updates from them in the coming months, as lockdown restrictions lift and live music trickles back into our lives.

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