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FFO: Los Angeles rock band Liily

I'm unsure of where to even begin with this band.

Liily are an alternative band from Los Angeles, California, who take their inspiration from “all the jagged stimuli of their upbringings to make something distinctly their own.” The ragged beauty of this band is their defiance of the norm - they know that their sound isn’t for everyone, but the people who’ve found their music and who’ve found themselves in it are so incomparably dedicated to it. They released their debut EP I Can Fool Anybody In This Town in March of 2019. Their two most listened to songs, "Toro" and "Sold," have nearly three million streams apiece.

To completely and totally take in the magnificence of this band, you have to see them live - one single playthrough of their Vevo DSCVR Artists to Watch series will give you an idea of what I’m talking about, but I’d rather you buy a ticket to see Liily play live. Every single member of the band works to make every second of their visceral, enthralling performance something to remember. Dylan Nash, vocalist, has the most menacingly captivating stage presence, constantly moving, his mouth pressed flat to the microphone; lead and rhythm guitarists Sam De La Torre and Desi Scaglione, respectively, and bassist Charlie Anastasis all provide Liily’s infamous-at-least-to-me licks and grooves, making it impossible to stand still; but the one who really catches the eye is drummer Maxx Morando, a Jagger lookalike who was probably born with drumsticks in his hands, at the pace he’s going now.

I was lucky enough to see them open for Bad Suns on their fall headlining tour and I fell in love immediately. I knew I had to tell everyone I could how big this band will be. And I feel it, like with Inhaler, that Liily are going to be huge. It’s only a matter of time, and it all depends on how fast people get on board with them.

If you like bands like SWMRS, Ultra Q, Demob Happy, The Pale White, or cleopatrick, you’ll love Liily (and vice versa). They’ve gone a bit quiet, but shared on socials recently that they were in Joshua Tree working on something new. They’ve toured the US, the UK, and Europe, supporting and headlining and taking festival stages by storm. I’m crossing my fingers that we’ll get tour news from them soon. Liily can be found on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and their music can be streamed anywhere you listen.

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