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REVIEW: kelsy karter releases the music video for her single "goodness gracious"

You must not be paying attention to rock and roll if you're not aware of Kelsy Karter and her antics.

Championed by the likes of TIME Magazine, Rolling Stone, and Flaunt, Kelsy made her very first waves back in 2019 when she fooled the entire Internet into believing she'd had Harry Styles's face tattooed onto her own, to promote her first single back after a supposed rebrand - "Harry." A truly rock and roll publicity stunt. Since then, she's been working up to her debut, and it's finally here - Missing Person.

"Goodness Gracious" is one of the songs off of this debut that hadn't been previously released. It's a love song for the modern age, and the music video is in part a reflection of that. It's about finding the person who perfectly balances who you are, and allowing yourself to be kept in check by them, because you want to be the person who perfectly balances who they are, too: "Goodness gracious, you're the one / That makes me come back down to Earth when / My mind goes on the run / And all I wanna do is misbehave."

The video is perfectly Kelsy - all cheetah print and switch blades and milkshakes, while at the same time furiously vocal and in-your-face about what she believes in. It features Kelsy's boyfriend Adam Slack, who you might recognize if you're a fan of English glam rock band The Struts. It also features some parts of the world we've become accustomed to over the last couple of months: the two of them out and about in Los Angeles wearing masks, where it's mandated by the city to cover your face in public, and Kelsy herself spray painting "Fuck Trump" onto a wall.

On deciding to make these statements with the video, Kelsy says, "Think about it. You’re a 10 year old impressionable kid sitting at home watching the news with your parents, dreaming of being president someday...He is being taught the wrong values by having a man like Donald Trump as president. Sexism, racism, homophobic, nasty and inappropriate behavior is not acceptable and it’s not right, yet we have a man in power who represents all of these things. I may not have much influence but if I can help promote love and kindness to one kid through speaking up for what I believe in, which is condemning that man and his behavior, then I believe it’s worth it." There's nothing I admire more than someone who speaks their mind, and who uses their platform to bring attention to injustice in the world.

Kelsy's debut albu,m Missing Person, is available to stream on all platforms now. On the record, she said, "For a while I sort of lost myself, which is why the album’s called Missing Person. But through the process of making the record I found myself as an artist and an individual—I stopped giving a fuck about what anyone else thinks, and finally felt completely okay with who I am.” You can also find her on Twitter and Instagram. Check out the music video for "Goodness Gracious" below!

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