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SHOW GALLERY: Caroline Polachek Brings The Spiraling Tour to Boston, MA

This past week Caroline Polachek made a stop in Boston on the second night of The Spiraling Tour's US leg, in support of her newest album Desire, I Want to Turn Into You. I've been patiently waiting to see Polachek for a while now, and her performance almost impossibly outsold the praises I had heard from those who had experienced her live before.

To describe Polachek's performance as anything but ethereal feels like a gross understatement. From the top of the set with "Welcome To My Island", the sold out crowd was mesmerized by the singers impossibly shifting vocalizations. Paired with a stripped back band and a literal volcano adorning the Roadrunner stage, Polachek brought her newest album to life and then some, playing hits including "Pretty In Possible", "Bunny is a Rider", and "So Hot You're Hurting My Feelings".

If you haven't given Desire, I Want to Turn Into You a spin yet, take this as a sign to pop it into your rotation! It's a masterclass in pop production, and pushes boundaries of the genre in unexpected ways track after track (I never thought a bagpipe solo could so gracefully find a home nestled in drum and bass, but here we are).

With plenty of US dates left to come, there's still time to check out The Spiraling Tour in a city near you, I for one can't recommend it enough. Swipe through to see some photos from Caroline's set here in Boston!


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