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SHOW GALLERY: Courting at The Key Club in Leeds

This past weekend, our photographer Callum had the chance to see Courting fresh off the release of their debut album Guitar Music at The Key Club in Leeds!

Guitar Music is a maddening disruption from expectation. Sweeping and cinematic synths open the album in "Cosplay / Twin Cities", only to be pierced by industrial crunching and glitched vocals. And it only gets more raucous as the album plays out.

The sound is hard to put a finger on. With elements taken from post-punk, electro pop, and mid 2010's dubstep all smashed together, Guitar Music has a truly unique and inventive edge that runs throughout the 8 song LP. The group, comprised of frontman Murphy-O’Neill, drummer Sean Thomas, guitarist Josh Cope, and bassist Connor McCann, have truly struck onto something wholly their own. It's unrestrained by genre; a daring approach for a debut album, but Courting pulls it off with ease, and we're beyond excited to see where this direction takes them as they continue to experiment and grow.



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