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SHOW GALLERY + RECAP: Daisy The Great + The Happy Fits bring Under the Shade of Green Tour to Boston

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

If 2022 showed us anything, it was that live music is back and brighter than ever. After attending close to 50 shows this year, I headed down to Paradise Rock Club for my final show of 2022.

First up was indie/alt trio Phoneboy. I don't think I've never seen a venue more packed for a first opener, and it was apparent from the start of their set why. A mix of easygoing indie vocals and harder surf rock guitar and bass riffs filled their set and immediately got the crowd's full attention. It seems like Phoneboy is only just getting started, and I'm excited to see where their sound goes from here!

Daisy the Great was a new find for me this year, though I might just be late to the party. I, like a lot of people, was introduced to them via their viral hit "Record Player", in the early months of 2022. After sinking more into their back catalog I was greeted with a unique indie pop sound that felt entirely it's own.

Daisy the Great put on a set full of unbridled energy, intricate harmonies, and loads of fan interaction. It's been a great year for the group, releasing their second studio album, All You Need is Time, and getting a fair share of support touring under their belt before they head out on their first headlining tour this spring. If you missed out on seeing them this tour, they'll be touring across the states starting in April, so be sure to check out a show if you can!

The Happy Fits are an absolute joy to listen to, and somehow more-so to watch.

Impossibly clever lyrics filled with a shot of self deprecation dot their catchy verses and open up into huge choruses. Track after track their words are echoed back to them by a crowd fully enraptured by their live presence. Singer and classically trained cellist Calvin Langman danced across the stage with cello in hand throughout the set, and treated fans to a solo straight out of Netflix's Wednesday. Alongside Langman, guitarist Ross Monteith and drummer Luke Davis brought a punch of indie/alt sound that rounded out the groups' iconic sound.

What a way to close out 2022! Here's to more joy, discoveries, and live music in 2023.





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