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SHOW GALLERY + RECAP: Inhaler at The Sinclair in Boston, MA, Night Two

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

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The thing about going to see a band like Inhaler live is that every show promises something magical. If you’ve seen them before, you know what I mean. There is something so magnetic about the stage presence of this band; it's impossible to tear your eyes away until it's over.

After a brief stint at Lollapalooza and a quick trip up to Montreal for Osheaga, the Irish four-piece finally made their way to Boston - a city they've never actually played before, despite the active and rabid fanbase they’ve accumulated there.

Other bands you see, you know some of the people there might be new to the band - not Inhaler. Inhaler fans sell out venues months in advance, leaving no room for casual listeners to see them live. The energy in the room is palpable and admirable — the way they love that band is unmatched.

The Sinclair was empty when we got there — having joined the queue after doors opened, we were shocked to find a spot in the crowd we could comfortably stand and watch the show from. Inhaler haven't changed their setlist in months, which is fine; you shouldn’t try to fix what isn’t broken. I love knowing exactly which songs they’ll play, and the exact order in which they’ll play them. It's like coming back for coffee with an old friend.

They're out now opening for the European leg of the Arctic Monkeys' first tour in years, which is wild. If you have the chance to see them anytime soon, I'd highly recommend taking it!


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