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  • Jada Cameron

SHOW RECAP + GALLERY: Samia at House Of Blues, Boston

A line wrapped around the block anxiously anticipated Samia’s performance this Friday at Boston’s House of Blues. This show was the biggest on her tour so far, and Samia didn’t hesitate to express her gratitude for the fans in the audience. As soon as she started performing, the crowd was instantly captivated.

Samia delivered a raw, emotional performance with every song on her setlist. From older projects to songs from her latest album, fans sang along with every word, appreciating the beauty of Samia’s lyricism. Apart from the deep moments, the singer did not shy away from having fun on stage. A few times she even picked her microphone up off the stand and danced with her band members. Samia’s show was entertaining, unfiltered, and full of special moments that made the night one to remember.



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