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SINGLE REVIEW: The latest single from riot-grrrl influenced South Wales' Murder Club, titled "Pictures of Myself"

Is there anything more life-affirming, yet simultaneously intricate and mental-health-defining than getting ready for a night out with your friends? Friendship, and particularly female friendship, is biblical and the act of getting ready is holy and riot-grrl-informed indie pop-rock outfit, Murder Club, truly understands this.

Their new single, “Pictures of Myself,” immediately put a smile on my face. By the time the chorus hits, you’ve gotten that bubbling feeling of being faced with a Friday night that could go anywhere. “Pictures of Myself is an anthem for the folks who like to take their time when they’re getting ready. We will not be rushed!” reveals bass player and vocalist Kirsty Cromwell. “We cover the big issues. Was cutting bangs a bad idea? Am I too old to wear these heels? What is the best light for my selfie?”

The song, inspired by a love for the Ramones and The Shangri-La’s, goes on to discuss the most important part of all… taking the right selfie: ‘Cus I haven’t got my selfie right / And I just can’t seem to find my light,’ and ‘I’m taking pictures of myself / Playing with my mental health.’ Cromwell says: “Whether alone or with your besties, it is a rite of passage to have fun and panic in equal measure.”


Phot by Tom Damsell

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