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SHOW GALLERY + RECAP: Wet Brings Indie Pop Excellence to Paradise Rock Club

Updated: Apr 8, 2023

Last Tuesday, I was lucky enough to catch Wet’s gig at Paradise Rock Club in Boston in support of their 2021 album, Letter Blue.

Starting off the night was NYC-based indie artist Hannah Jadagu. Hannah played a set filled with songs from her latest EP What is Going On?, as well as a few unreleased songs, and a throwback cover of Breakeven by The Script. The set was a perfect example of the creativity coming out of the indie scene right now, balancing rock and noise elements with spacey vocals and lyrics. If you want to give her a listen, I highly recommend checking out “All My Time is Wasted” or “Think Too Much”.

Next up, Wet. Wet’s set gave me everything I was hoping for from the band; striking vocals, bouncing synths, and poetic lyricism all came together to create a sonically tight yet dreamy indie-pop experience. The vibes? Absolutely immaculate. Their set included a sampling of songs from Letter Blue, including “Clementine”, “Larabar”, and “Bound”, as well as older hits like “Deadwater”, and “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl”. Each song was extremely well tailored for live performance, and made for a cohesive and utterly enjoyable set.

If the music wasn’t enough, the show itself was just beautiful to watch. White flags blew in a soft breeze as the band played, matching their all white ensembles. Both the lighting and the visuals perfectly matched the gentle and flowing nature of Wet’s sound, and the consistency made the music really shine through. Midway through the set, lead singer Kelly Zutrau pointed out that the crowd was decorated with childhood friends, family, and their “Boston Family”, remarking on the crowd’s ability to make every show here feel like home. The band’s comfort on the stage really showed as they played, bringing an unexpected and genuine vulnerability to every song.

If Wet is stopping by your city, go give them a listen! And if not, be sure to check out their newest album, Letter Blue, as soon as you can!


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